Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Nürnberg (Germany’s Federal Employment Agency)


The software system DELFI collects performance reports from other systems, combines them into datasets, and transfers them to the financial administration. In addition, there are several complex batches as well as a webclient that can be used by case handlers to obtain information, or make manual corrections and cancellations. Also, SonarQube was implemented for performing and illustrating quality management analyses.


Windows 7, Oracle 11 database, Oracle Weblogic 10 Application Server, Java 7, JUnit, Batch Framework of the Federal Agency, Oracle ADF, eclipse, JDeveloper, SQL-Developer, Apache POI, Liquibase, JAXB


Modeling, Coding, Test, Test support, Documentation

Next to the design, implementation, incident handling, and test support, Quantum Coding further supervised the project DELFI in:
• performing basic security checks
• coordinating stress and performance tests
• briefing and disposition of trainees


Approx. 28 months (06/2016 – 10/2018)

Apollo Optik

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